Essential Features Your Next Home Care Software Should Include: The Top Five

5 Best Home Healthcare Software in 2021 - SaaSworthy BlogThere’s something else that will make a big difference besides having the passion to deliver quality care, excellent caregiving skills and being able to market and sell your services. We’re talking about home care software.


You need a smart solution to run your agency effectively once you’ve committed to keeping your business running no matter what.


Your home care management system must include the following: Electronic Visit Verification, Accounting, and Billing.


Do you believe that this is enough to make your agency stand out from the crowd when your competitors are using cutting-edge technologies and meeting Federal Government requirements?


Let’s talk about what else you need to look for in software for home care when you have already spent a lot of money on compliance.

  • Smart Scheduling

Scheduling, not only another feature of your home care management software that you must have, is a tool that can guide your business to success in 2023.


The days of paper-based checklists and schedules are over. A smart home care suit that includes scheduling can eliminate time-consuming & tedious tasks. No more delays and no more hassle with allocation, just high-quality care!


The calendar view is a feature that can be very useful to caregivers. The caregivers can see the schedules of clients by week, day or month while also displaying open shifts and approved shifts.


smart scheduling software, like CareSmartz360, can also match the client with the best caregiver by matching their needs with other criteria, such as requirements, specialties, distance and availability.


You should consider using a home care scheduler if you spend more than two seconds on schedule.


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Make sure to consider obtaining Massachusetts home health care insurance. Being aware of the insurance requirements for home health care aides can give you an added layer of protection for your professional trajectory and finances.


  1. Point of Care


You may encounter a variety of client needs based on health conditions and dietary requirements.


Point of Care features allows caregivers to specify the attributes they need in order to provide enhanced care. The smart system analyzes the needs of the client and notifies staff of the agency about the availability of skilled professionals in the area.


It not only helps to improve the quality of the care but also allows you to provide the best possible care when your caregivers cannot be present at the location scheduled. The system will quickly display the results for the best caregivers to assign to clients, thus maintaining your overall reputation.


You should consider using a home care scheduler if you spend more than two seconds on schedule.


  1. Reporting


Smart reporting could be the feature you need to get a better understanding of the performance of your caregivers and maintain the quality of their care.

CareSmartz360 provides real-time data about caregivers’ pay rates, payments to clients, invoices, and more.


You could see a significant increase in the productivity of your agency and quality care for your clients if you track caregivers accurately with accurate reporting.


The real-time notification of missed clocking in/out, and available shifts makes it easy for caregivers as well as agency staff to run operations smoothly.


The client can also access all information related to his or her current schedule. The client can also check out the experience of the caregiver and the exact arrival time.


When you replace your existing EVV system, ensure that it has smart reporting to keep you informed of all aspects of your homecare business.


  1. Caregiver Portal

When your caregivers still use old-fashioned methods to manage their schedules, you cannot compete with the other agencies that have adopted the technology.

Although it is mandatory that all agencies providing non-medical services implement EVV, you should think beyond compliance.


A dedicated caretaker portal makes it easy to keep track of schedules and maintain records.

You can’t get enough feedback from clients without a system that updates you in real-time.

The caregivers who are free to do other tasks may request more hours. It’s amazing to have a team who is constantly updating their availability, especially when there’s a lack of qualified caregivers.


  1. Smart Mobile App

A smart mobile phone that establishes a communication channel with the agency, the caregiver and the client is a game changer.


The majority of agencies and their clients complain about the communication gap that exists between caregivers, agency staff and clients. This leads to decreased productivity and revenue.


A mobile app that tracks caregivers and provides real-time updates on their location to clients can streamline processes.

CareSmartz360+ is a mobile app for smart home care management that helps establish strong communication among agencies, caregivers and clients in order to ensure quality and transparency.


CareSmartz360+ features a COVID-19 pre-screening module, which screens caregivers prior to their clock-in. The clients are protected as an agency is notified via SMS/email of the caregiver’s symptoms so they can take immediate action.


What you can expect from a mobile app for smart home care:

  • Quick clock in and clock out
  • Documents that are important to you should be saved
  • Offline mode
  • The status of the shifts: Ongoing, available and upcoming.
  • My Client and My Profile with detailed client information
  • Record of expenses


Every agency should focus on a smart mobile app that can deliver care and a software package for home care management.

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